Airshow Volunteer Information & Form


Thanks for showing interest in volunteering for the 2017 Pikes Peak Regional Airshow.



Setup (9/21 – 9/22) ...Air Show (9/23 – 9/24)
Cleanup (9/25)
(Note – Volunteers must work at least one of the Air Show days, not just the Setup or Cleanup days)
VOLUNTEER HOURS: 6:30 am - 5:00 pm 
Sell and validate tickets, distribute entry material.
Aid customers to parking locations and assist traffic flow
Bag Checks, Physical Security, Crowd Control, Ramp Security
Inform visitors of event activities and assist in program distribution and sales
Volunteer Support
Food service, volunteer movement and tracking


 Please note, You will be notified of you assignment and schedule prior to you arrival to the airshow. Applications and waivers will be required. 

 Volunteer food and drinks will be supplied during the airshow and a post-show BBQ is planned for volunteers and families.


Please fill out the Volunteer Form FIRST!
If you would like to volunteer please select here to complete and submit this Volunteer Application Form. You will then be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator.
If there are any questions after you filled out the form , please email
 Thanks again for showing interest!

 Steve Clark

PPRA Volunteer Coordinator

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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